Thursday 2 October 2008

Demon Tomato: YOU CAN READ IT NOW.

Yes! It's the moment you've all remembered happening! (I know you haven't been waiting for it, because I know nobody reads this blog yet, but one day someone might, and then they'll remember this happening!)
The Demon Tomato is finally on sale, and it's in all sorts of places should you wish to read it.
You can get it at:
Travelling Man, a chain comic shop that's all about being bright, airy and family-friendly as opposed to dark and dungeonesque. There are a few of these shops dotted about, but Demon Tomato is currently stocked in the Manchester and Newcastle branches. If you're actually bothered enough to do this, you can also ask the staff to call the Manchester branch, who will happily send them a copy for you. They're really pleasant, try it. Even if you don't want the comic you should try it, just so you can see how nice they all are. Plus you should read the comic.
The other place you will find Demon Tomato is the Birmingham International Comics Show! It is happening on Saturday and Sunday at something called the "Think Tank". You'll know it because it's a great huge building somewhere near the train station with "THINK TANK" written on it, and lots of people in Decepticon T-Shirts walking to and fro around the perimeter. In fact, if you spot any obvious geek parties anywhere in Birmingham, follow them, you'll end up there. I have done this before, it works.
You'll find this comic on the Manchester Comix Collective table.
Now, assuming I'm right about having no readers (and why should I have, I don't know how to get any and so haven't done it), you won't be reading this until the con has finished anyway. So that's an opportunity missed. But there's still that web link and the Travelling Man shops.
This is what the comic looks like:

So keep an eye out for that. And in the spirit of giving, here's a work-in-progress panel from issue three, which has a drawing I'm particularly fond of, a very bendy picture of the comic's main villain, Mister Cherrycrumble.

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Ten98 said...

Dave, you need to find a better distributer than comixpress. They took over 4 weeks to send me my Demon Tomato comic, and the postage is extortionate.

What happened to that UK place you were looking at?

Amazon do a nice deal for independant publishers to get their stuff on their site, have you looked at that?